About PureCrocin Inc.


Manufacturer of chemical compounds from Iranian pure saffron.

The World is being subject to an unremitting trend of rising demand for natural resources. The tendency to plant the Saffron crop, dominant in Iran for years has led to an increase interest in the identification of numerous uses of saffron in different industries.
Since Iran is known as a source of high-quality saffron and the biggest producer of this crop in the world; Iranian scientists and team of experts try to extract the compounds of Saffron by using Nano-technology method.

PureCrocin Inc. is the Saffron extract manufacturer and supplier company founded in 2014 to provide a rich source of chemical compounds found in natural resources. The products could widely use in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food, Beverage, and Cosmetic industries.
Pure Crocin Inc. is currently a leading enterprise in research, development, production and sales of the natural ingredients. Our headquarter is located in Iran and our international sales office is located in Germany.
It relies on scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of the industry and strives to build the first brand of pure Saffron extract products such as Crocin, Crocetin, and TSC.

Our products which are manufactured using the best quality saffron of Iran as raw material and are utilized by nano-technology, are exporting all over the world.
We have different controls over the entire process of manufacturing:

All these activities are under strict supervision of technically competent staff and with stringent quality control procedures.

PureCrocin Inc. always regards technological innovation as the driving force for sustainable development of the company and continuously optimizes the research and development system. Relying on the technical equipment advantages, products were always upgraded. The company will produce Herbal Extracts, Purified Ingredients and APIs in the near future. Our vision is to be significant global manufacturer and supplier in providing the best-known pure Saffron extract products in the near future.

To deliver highest quality products, reliable and faster services at very competitive price to our customers all over the world.